Quantum Guidance ® : Challenge your realities

Quantum Guidance of realities

The pattern of Guidance we are teaching is totally innovative and visionary. It is based on the informational nature, i.e the substantial quantum and multidimensional quality of our reality (us included) and our inner capabilities (inner senses) to get access to it. This type of Guidance approach is of “ attract-and-realize “ nature, and is related to all the “ attraction-nal “ approaches, based on the assertion : I am (following) my reality. This pattern actualizes a new contemporary way of assertiveness of the Self, where information and quantum perspectives are central. By tackling our reality/life this way, our desired dream-life becomes the main stake of our “ reality/life challenge “. As it were, this new guiding outlook can be called  “Realities Guidance “.

The pattern of Guidance

The notion of Guidance may suggest that we abide by an authority (inner or outer) for the lead of our existence. It is not so. The Guidance approach taught in our trainings should be seen as an artifact that allows the embodied personality to adapt and adjust its actions. Our earthly I AM is the decision maker , it is all about its own way, it is the one who experiment and feels the physical reality. We should be very keen on sticking on the fact that it is the first concerned. An ” I “   ready to forget about itself, and abide by a principle, an authority, an entity, an identification, is the opposite of what we teach. The earthly I AM must be aware of its role. It should understand the stakes of its earthly presence and gain mastery in the orientation handles of its reality. It has to become aware of its personal worth and value of its personal outlook. For that purpose, it must dare use its creative power in a creative and joyful expression of what it wants to live. In our approach, four types of Guidance are realized by action : the main one is the intuitive Guidance. Anyway, mental, emotional and bodily Guidance are also used in our decision-making processes. This type of Guidance allows (and actually leads to) profound listening and developing of our feelings/ sensitivity as the best means to adjust our actions. It is leading to realizing a model of the personality (I AM – BODY – SOURCE of the I AM) which re-establishes a conscious cooperation of the different stages or levels of the earthly personality in our decisional processes.

Two training cycles

We are offering two training cycles:

  1. Information Guidance Practitioner
  2. Quantum Guidance Practitioner

Information Guidance Practitioner :

This cycle is fulfilled in three- 3-days sessions -, i.e. 9-days session..

It enables to be entitled as confirmed practitioner with the capability to decode and give meaning to everything that happens in our daily reality. This decoding process and the appropriate informational corrections considerably accelerate our evolution of consciousness and the resolution of our relational schemes. This curriculum provides a new way of thinking about our reality and our relationship to it. It updates the acquisition and integration in one’s daily life of behaviors and attitudes that are based on a quantum and informational vision of one’s reality. The main focus of this level is to become an expert in REALITY DECODING.

Quantum Guidance  Practitioner :

This cycle is fulfilled in three sessions of 3 days, i.e.a 9 days course. This cycle brings new quantum, informational, multidimensional concepts and insists on the different handles available to physically update (realize) a desired reality. The main focus of this level is to become experts in “ REALITY CONDUCTING “.

 Why “ Quantum /Informational Guidance “ ?

  • Guidance: aiming at adjusting actions and redefining oneself in a new version of the SELF.
  • Informational: Reading, decoding and modifying our information structures to redefine the realities that will be available to us.
  • Quantum: a new vision of our reality as a probable reality among an infinity of potentials with the challenge to identify oneself with the probable I AM, i.e. able to physically live the desired reality.


The role of information

Information is the raw material of the Guidance system that we are proposing. The vision of an informational reality from which our physical reality emerges, is the heart of Guidance. Everything we experience, physically or not, is connected to an informational matrix or fields of information (web). In a way, information seeks us and we spend our lives re-informing ourselves. Our physical manifestation is a digest of information that determines and constrains on a qualitative level the experiences that we will be able to physically update. Guidance consciously uses information in the service of making sense of our experiences, correcting our fields and affirming our desires for some kind of realities. Thus, Guidance puts into action a set of means to act directly and consciously on our information structures and thus modify “the body of our beliefs pattern”.

The role of relationship

All experiences involve relationships. Without relationship, without interaction, without measure, without evaluation, without perception, without feeling, consciousness can not be redefined. The relationship is at the very heart of our evolution and our support. Thus we will always try to detect the relationship (s) that we want to investigate. Be it physical (scenarios, events, situations, people, symptoms ….) or non-physical (inner states, dreams, imaginations, relationship to abundance, money, sexuality, relationship to our inner child/teen or the old inner man/woman, relationship to a behavior, a state, an emotion …), everything can become a playground for a Guidance session. Re-evaluating our relationships is the starting point for a Guidance session and our real-life challenges. Refreshing the best probable version or the best scenario in our relations is one of the main issues of Guidance. Each re-evaluation increases our alignment with our essential nature (Higher Self), and produces more joy and enthusiasm in our lives.

Quantum Guidance © in practice

The challenge of relationship is a challenge of information, a reality challenge, a personality challenge. The implementation of the method aims to make informational adjustments so as to be the person who is able to live the desired reality. The main tools we use, so as to adjust and correct, are a set of frames and intuitively glanced over- appendices that allow us to adjust the information we carry in us. We mainly use our internal capabilities of redefining the SELF (intuition, intention, expression and feeling) to operate our conscious re-information. Guidance has 7 re-information levers: intention, directed attention, imagination, dream, intuitive reinformation, expressed reinformation (channel) and identification.  


There is no limit to this type of approach. The limit lies in the belief structure to which we have adhered to live an embodied earthly experience. The information base and navigation proposals of the series of available frames allow us to act on our personal, trans-generational, incarnation patterns, genetic and biological fields. With Guidance, the verb becomes flesh and finds its central place in the redefinition of the SELF.

A New Paradigm (pattern of Thought/Consciousness) Guidance is a way to act practically on a daily basis for a new paradigm (pattern/state of thought/consciousness).

It is based on statements like:

  • I AM MY REALITY and I AM following my reality
  • I AM more than the physical body.
  • What I AM has no limit.
  • Physical reality emerges from a much larger non-physical reality.
  • Physical reality is informational, quantum and multidimensional.
  • Our beliefs shape our reality.
  • Desire is the engine of creation.
  • Experience involves relationship

As for the steering of reality, Guidance also brings precise answers on:

  • Who forms the reality?
  • What is the nature of this reality?
  • How this reality is shaped ?
  • What are the levers at our disposal to master our reality?
  • What is the stake of our presence in this plan of reality?

History of Quantum Guidance

Our training in Quantum Guidance started in 2007. The method is perfectly structured and the human resource for the expertise and training supervision is consistent. Since 2007, more than 800 people have had at least one guidance course. Many of them officiate as Guidance practitioners in France or abroad.

Training session prices

The price of the courses offered may vary from one trainer to another. The minimum price is 500 euros for each one third part session (i.e.3 days), but is rather between 600 and 700 euros depending on the number of attendants or/and conditions of post-training support. 


You want to train or receive a session in your country. To contact us, please complete the following form, we will put you in touch with a trainer or practitioner who speaks your language. Note that we are looking for partners to extend this approach in the language of your country.